Thursday, 18 November 2021

A short update for November

 A couple of picture showing a little of what has recently been happening.

Jim Painting the frames in top coat

The frames have had a "roof" of external ply fixed to them as some protection over the winter, when work is not being carried out on them a tarpaulin will also be attached. This will hopefully allow the work being carried out on the frames to be in as good a condition at the end of the winter as they are now. 

In the picture we see Jim Turtle applying a top coat to the frames, this is the first of many!  Each coat will be flattened before the next coat is added, and a strong application of paint will be created. 

Freshly sand blasted and primed sand boxes

The four sand boxes were taken off site to be sand blasted they were returned to us having been painted in primer.  The main reason for this treatment was to ensure that the corrosion inside the boxes was removed as the equipment we have at the railway would not permit this.  Soon after arrival the boxes were given a coat of black undercoat, the first to protect them from the weather.

The sand boxes with their first undercoat

The sand boxes will continue to be painted up to top coat as time and weather permits.  

Most of the work is currently only able to be done outdoors as the Villa workshop is not really suitable.  There are some fairly major problems with the building (which was supplied to us as life expired over 25 years ago!).  Some temporary repairs have been undertaken to keep most of the rain out over the winter, but it really does need replacing. We are currently discussing the requirements of the loco groups that use the building and surrounding area.

A temporary tarpaulin secured to the roof of the Villa 

Some temporary works have been carried out to try to make the building vaguely useable over the winter. The first job was to place tarpaulin on the roof and secure it with battens in an attempt to stop the rain coming in through the many holes in the existing roofing material.  A new layer of felt was applied a few years ago, but with the structure below being uneven and rough, this didn't last as long as expected, and again was intended as a short term solution.  However, the roof is not the only leaky area, water comes in freely below the door and under the walls!

To try to prevent the worst of this a strip of rubber "garage door seal" had been added to the door opening to provide a barrier to the flow which results in huge puddles inside the building.

a rubber "garage door seal" added to the doorway

It is hoped that these measures will see us through the winter and hopefully until something more suitable can be done.  More of this later.

However, without your support and contributions, we would be able to do nothing!  We are 100% self funded and every penny counts.  If we are to reach our target of getting the loco back into service your help is needed.

If you are able to help, please make a donation via the Bluebell Trust's own donation page at 

You will then need to select "P27 - Restoration of SECR P Class No27" from the pull down menu.

You can also visit our on line shop at: 

where you will find many items for sale, including clothing, gifts and some railwayana.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in the project.

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