Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Cladding the Villa

The work last weekend consisted mainly of adding aluminimum sheeting to the outside of the villa (the wooden workshop used by the Project 27 gang). The cladding is being carried out to repair the poor condition of the wooden outer skin of the building.  This is seen a short to medium term until a decission is made on the possible rebuilding of the workshop which will assist the project and other groups that use the area. This work will be carried out in conjunction with the loco director and other  interested parties.

It is hoped to add some pictures of the work to this post later in the week.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Hanging on the brakes!

Work begins on refurbishing smaller parts of the loco

Two of the brake cross members of the brake rigging - Photo: Tom Murphy
A good start was made on the parts that go to make up the brake rigging on the loco this weekend, starting with the rear cross beam.  This was thoroughly cleaned by a couple of volunteers who have worked their way through to membership of the railway via the 9F Club, our club for youngsters who want to come to the railway and get their hands dirty without Mum being too upset!  The picture above shows the beam in "before" condition waiting to be worked upon.

The brake cross beam following cleaning by Paul Booth - Photo: Tom Murphy
The surface rust and minor corrosion was removed using wire brushes and "emery" paper to produce a good bare metal surface ready for the application of a good coat of red oxide primer. this took a considerable effort and thanks must go the the lads for their hard work.

Paul applies the paint - Photo: Tom Murphy
A good coat of red primer was applied to all of the cleaned surfaces of the beam to protect it whilst it is in storage.  Nearer the time the parts are needed for erection onto the locomotives frames, a minor clean up will take place, followed by another coat or two of primer before the final paint work is done.

Finishing off - Photo: Tom Murphy
 A job well done by the lads, this sort of work can be quite tedious, but is a vital part of the restoration process which results in such splendid results turned out by the Bluebell Railway.  Without the firm foundations provided by this type of dedication, the paint jobs on the locos would be nowhere near as good as those that are turned out.

If you would like to be involved with this vital work, please drop an E Mail to thefenchurchfund@gmail.com for further information.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

More marking out!

Marking out the Axlebox Centre Lines

Area of surface rust sanded to produce a suitable surface for marking out - Photo: Clive Emsley
The rear axle box positions were re-established on Sunday. This was achieved by power sanding the area to be marked to give a good surface for the marks to be seen, the area was then given a thin coat of "Engineers Blue" which allows marks to be easily seen when scratched on.

The same area with the "Engineers Blue" applied and the first cross marked on for the centre line - Photo: Clive Emsley
The picture above shows a cross marked on the "Engineers Blue". This is the bottom of three mark that are applied using a set of dividers located in the Trammel Marks either side of the horn guides.  There will be another two marks above this one and these will be centre punched and joined with a vertical line.

Stuart Marks, The Restoration Manager, marking the vertical line between the three marks - Photo: Clive Emsley
Other works that were going on over the weekend were the refurbishment of the "Villa", our small self contained workshop. The inside is being reconfigured and some repair / recladding of the walls will need to take place, plus the heating will need to be updated. 

The outside of the building will be partially re-clad with some recovered aluminium sheeting, and some repairs will be carried out to the window surrounds. This is seen as an interim solution to improving our working environment and that or other groups that use the area.

Following some discussions between the Project and the Locomotive Director, we now have three new responsible posts within the project.  Project manager, Restoration Manager and Restoration Engineer.  These posts are currently held by Clive Emsley, Stuart Marks and Matt Holloway respectively.  The situation has not really changed, just formalised, and we will probably go on much as we were!

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Photos of last weekends activities

Pictures of the PROJECT 27 work and display stand

The 7mm scale model of 1027 built by Stuart Bardouleau which should have been on display at the weekend!
Photo: Clive Emsley
Firstly an apology that I forgot to take the O gauge model of 1027 with me at the weekend, and thus depriving you all of seeing it!  As I posted earlier, we had a good weekend on the fundraising side and Stuart Marks got some very important work done on the loco without the usual interruptions!
Below is a selection of pictures to illustrate what we got up to.

Claire and "Harry" modelling the PROJECT 27 Tee shirt and cap Photo: Clive Emsley
A selection of the stock that we were selling at the weekend Photo: Clive Emsley

A diorama of 32636 (Fenchurch) on the Cuckoo Line inspired by a picture in the Bluebell Railway Archives
Built and photographed by Clive Emsley
A selection of models displayed on the PROJECT 27 stand ready for the forthcoming "Cowfold" layout
Photo: Clive Emsley
The Front Right axle box guide showing fresh paint following cleaning and identification of datum marks - A couple of close ups follow below Photo: Clive Emsley
the three vertical centre popped marks found and improved by Stuart Marks show the centre line of the front right axle box. This will be a useful guide to getting the loco set up correctly during the restoration
Photo: Clive Emsley
One of the "Master Datum" points on the frames of the loco. The missing datum marks were reinstated using these marks.
Photo: Clive Emsley
The freshly cleaned and painted front end of the frames
Photo: Clive Emsley
The (scrap) left hand tank from loco 27 which will be used for component recovery
and as a pattern for a new tank to be constructed.
Photo: Clive Emsley
I hope that these pictures give you an insight into what is currently going on with the locomotive and our fund raising activities. If you would like to join us, please E Mail thefenchurchfund@gmail.com for more details of how you can help.

I will be carrying out an on site survey of the tank and producing drawings for it to enable new tanks to be constructed.  The drawings will be produced on a modern CAD package in the not too distant future. The tanks will be constructed at the right time so as not to take up space in the works yard, yet be ready to put on the loco at the most appropriate time.

Thank you for your interest in the project we aim to keep this blog updated on a weekly basis, so please come back at intervals to see the progress!