Monday, 8 July 2019

Network Rail Volunteer Week

Annual Volunteer week

Once again this year we organised a week of Volunteering for Network Rail Employees.  This year the week ran from the 1st to the 5th July.  Over the course of the week we welcomed 23 volunteers over the 5 days.  We needed to expand our tasks this year as there is not too much unsupervised work to be done at the moment on 27.  However, we did complete some cleaning and painting on the loco.

The front balance weight having been cleaned and given a coat of bonder primer
the right hand small balance weight having been cleaned and painted

the left hand small front balance weight having been cleaned and painted
One of the pair of front sand boxes having been cleaned back to bare metal before painting
In addition to these pieces that will be returned to the locomotive, a few pieces were cleaned and painted so they can be used as patterns for new pieces to be manufactured.

We also spent some time cleaning Loco 672 Fenchurch in readiness for fitters attention and to make it look a little better.  There was a gang on two days who not only gave the paintwork a glint, but also spent time under the loco with scrapers to remove years of congealed oil and dust.  this will help when the loco is moved into the workshop prior to overhaul.
Part of the cleaning gang in the early stages of cleaning
The state of the wheel backs and springs before cleaning
The connecting rods and brake rigging before painting
The rods and rigging following a coat of paint
We also spent a little time rubbing down and re-varnishing the wooden tops to the tanks which protrude into the cab on the Adams Radial Tank 30583 (488).  This was done to help enhance the splendid livery applied a couple of months ago.  It was intended that 5 coats of varnish would be applied, but time ran out!
The first board with half the first coat of varnish applied
The board with 3 coats of varnish applied returned to the cab
Steve and Sherena painting a small weight
Roxanne getting handy with a wire brush!

Then gang on Wednesday having a well earned tea break
The Thursday gang pose in the sunshine!


We now have a new platform for accepting your donations which will help us to complete the restoration of SECR Locomotive No.27.  This can be found at:

Please remember that our progress can only carry on with your help.  We are completely self-funded group.

Thank you for your continued support.