Sunday, 22 May 2016

Two sets of cylinders unveiled at the BRPS AGM

Two sets of cylinders arrive! (scale models!)

Two sets of P Class cylinders have arrived and were displayed at the AGM on Saturday evening.  One was to 1/10th scale the other being 1/8th scale.  Both of these were 3D printed, although with slightly different processes.
A first look at the 1/10th scale cylinders (all photos Clive Emsley)
The first set of cylinders to arrive was the 1/10th scale set manufactured by i.visualise, a company based in Brussels.  A very good print it was too! the type of manufacture used produced a smooth finish, but there were some supports that needed to be removed.

the 1/8th scale set of cylinders
The second set was printed to a scale of 1/8.  these models are an exact replica scaled down from the size of the new set of cylinders. They were both printed from the 3D computer model that was drawn by Matthew Holloway.  All dimensions are an exact scale version of the real thing!

The two sets of cylinders on display at the BRPS AGM on the 21st May.
The two sets of cylinders were displayed at the BRPS AGM to show the membership what the real things will look like.  They were displayed on a turntable kindly donated by Brian Jackson of Morris Models who are based in Manor Road Lancing.  They were of great interest to both the regular volunteers and the ordinary membership.

The right hand cylinder showing the valve chest
All of the steam passages are free from material as are the bolt holes with the stud holes being well made. The next 3D printed set will be at  scale of 12 inches to the foot.  This will be the pattern that is to be used to cast the new cylinders for both 27 and 178.

With your help, we will be able to have the new castings made in a fairly short timescale. The total cost for this work is likely to in the region of £15,000 which should include the casting, transport and machining. 

Come and see the models of the cylinders at our stand adjacent to the frames/villa during the Atlantic House Open Weekend and then at the Bluebell Model Railway Weekend, when we will be based in the Birch Grove Suite.

We look forward to seeing you at one or both of these events.

Thanks for your continued support.


Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Some pictures from the Southern at War weekend information and sales stand

A good weekend for the fund!

We had a good weekend on the platform at Sheffield Park during the Southern at War weekend. There was plenty of interest in the project and the CYLINDER REPLACEMENT PROGRAMME in particular.
The sales and information stand set up on Platform 1 at Sheffield Park (all pictures Clive Emsley)
There were plenty of new members to our "pig club".  The only pre-requisite for joining was to feed the piggy with coins! The piggy can be seen on the left of the picture above.

We had plenty of support from the public and staff alike, and we should thank the senior Station Master and the duty Station Masters over the weekend for their co-operation with our stand.

Mrs Mopp about to give our sign a good polish!
A selection of models shown by our treasurer Stuart Bardouleau
Stuart Bardouleau (our Treasurer) showed a selection of his vast collection of military models, including the 3 foot long 72nd scale U boat!  A skilled modeller with a terrific eye for detail.
The H class on test piloting the C class
It was good to see that the Operators saw fit to run the H and C together which fitted in very well with our aims and objectives.

There will be another update following the BRPS AGM on Saturday evening.  Please come along (if you are a member) to use your votes wisely and see our new display majoring on the CYLINDER REPLACEMENT PROGRAMME.

Thanks for your continued support.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

BRPS AGM on Saturday

Information stand at the BRPS AGM

Just a quick message to say we will be having the usual PROJECT 27 information stand at the Bluebell Railway Preservation Society Annual General Meeting on Saturday.  We will also have a supply of the ever popular Marmalade! Not forgetting the Lovely - Jubley - Bubbly Raffle tickets available only on the night for £1 each.

Oh, I almost forgot!  we will be unveiling a rather special 1/8th scale 3D printed model of a vital part of the loco! (come and see it will be impressive!)

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Clive D. Emsley
Chairman - The Fenchurch Fund
Project Manager - PROJECT 27
A Sub-Committee of the Bluebell Railway Preservation Society

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Monday, 16 May 2016

More work carried out on the frames and other bits!

A report from Matt Holloway

A few pictures and words provided by Matt Holloway concerning recent restoration activities.

Counterbalance weights

Matt Holloway operating the "mag drill"
The picture above shows Matt Holloway operating a "mag drill". This comprises of a fairly ordinary, but large, electric drill which is held perpendicular to the material being drilled with a huge magnet.  This enables the holes to be drilled correctly and accurately.

The mag drill located ready for action
The Mag Drill in action!

The rivets and studs pilot drilled out 
The pilot holes have been drilled out ready for the studs and rivets to be blown out using a gas torch. The holes are required to ensure the molten metal does not blow back into Matts face, or the gas torch!

Other work carried out

matt has also been doing some painting of components ready to "bolt on" when the time comes.
The two cylinder cladding pieces for the Steam Reverser
Matt has been applying paint up to top coat on a number of the smaller items including the cladding for the steam reverser, the tank water level indicator shield and the hand brake screw cover.
Tank water level indicator/gauge protecting shield going into top coat
Handbrake screw cover for inside of cab going into top coat
Once the items have been painted they will be carefully stored until the restoration reaches the appropriate time to replace them on the loco.

Thanks must go to Matt for his hard and constant work.

If you would like to support our work we would be extremely grateful.  details of how to donate towards the project, please see the information below.

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For other information please E Mail the fund at  Also use the same address for details on how you can give by other methods.

Thank you for your continued support and interest.

More work carried out on the steam reverser

We are thankful to Ben Dingley for the following report regarding the overhaul of the Steam Reverser.  It would have been added a couple of weeks ago, but Ben was in Scotland chasing Steam Locos! Ben and Ian Furguson are progressing with the steam reverser, though there have been a couple of weeks with slower progress due to holidays etc.

They have now completed the manufacture of replacement studs to hold the appropriate cylinder covers on.  To do this, the steel rod was cut to length, the threads turned on each end and then the ends were domed using a special lathe tool which needed to be ground to produce the correct dome profile.

One of then new studs manufactured by Ben Dingley (all photos Ben Dingley)
A new piston also required manufacture, which has now been completed.  This was required as, following the re-bore of the cylinder to remove the ovality and pitting then existing clearances were found to be too great.
The new studs located in the reverser cylinders

The new piston head was machined to size, and a tapered hole was carefully cut in the centre of the piston head to allow a good fit with the newly manufactured piston rod. The taper was cut very carefully using cuts of no more than 5/1000ths of an inch between test fitting, this ensured that the hols did not go oversize.

Machining the new piston
Trial fitting of the piston rod
The new piston located on the piston rod together with the original piston
The next operation will be to start the production of the new cap which is located on the top of the piston and holds the piston rings in place. 

Friday, 13 May 2016

This weekend

We will be having a sales and publicity stand at Sheffield Park this weekend.  We will be situated on one of the platforms.

As well as our usual goodies, we will be selling some "wartime" favourites too!  Including mock honey, plum jam, mustard and pickled eggs!  As well as Bread Pudding and other sweet treats!

Stuart Bardouleau will be bringing a selection of models for display on the stand as well, so that should be quite interesting.

After the weekend, I should be in a position to give a further update on the restoration, following conversations with the engineering team.

Hopefully you will be able to come along and say Hello to us (and maybe buy something for the effort!)

Friday, 6 May 2016

A Set of Cylinders Ordered

Well, a 1/10th scale set!

A set of cylinders has been ordered for demonstration and discussion these are to be 3D printed and will be available for inspection at various gala events around the railway this year.  It is hoped that they will be available for demonstration at the BRPS AGM, but this cannot be guaranteed at the moment, it is dependent on production and delivery from Belgium.  They will definitely be available for inspection at the Model Railway Weekend (25th and 26th June) so do pop along to have a look at the complexity of the pattern.

Restoration Update

Stuart and Jim are progressing with the preparation of the RHS frame crack repair weld and hopefully the replacement patch will be welded in soon. Indeed the last message I had from Matt was that they were hoping to get the welding done last weekend.  Hopefully this was the case.

Matt is currently working on the balance weights with the aim of removing them from the front of the loco frames.  It requires 14 rivets and studs to be pilot drilled before being gas cut.  The pilot holes go through the studs/rivets so that the molten metal goes through the hole, rather than blowing back into Matts face or the gas torch nozzle!  With the weights removed, plates and angles can be assessed for any damage and any remedial work can be carried out.  It is believed that there will be nothing more than a little welding and re-drilling to sort this out.

A 3D CAD  model is currently being produced of the rear portion of the frames.  Once the weld repairs have been carried out to the left and right side frames, and the drawings have been completed, a new section of steel plate will be cut ready for welding in to replace the cut out section of the frames that are beyond repair.  Currently it is believed that the drawings are about 60% complete.

I am just waiting for a report regarding the Steam Reverser, but I am lead to believe that there is some great progress on this front.  Ben Dingley will be providing some words and pictures shortly.

The CAD model of the cylinders is now with Kevin West for final approval which means that we ought to be able to report some good, but expensive, news shortly!

As mentioned in previous posts out main priority is to have a set of cylinders cast (full size) and to raise the funds to allow this to happen.  We will be having a sales and Information stand at Southern at War Weekend where we aim to have a push on the fund raising for the locomotive and cylinder replacement programme in particular.  Please pop along to see us if you are about, we will be on the platform at Sheffield Park.

Thanks for reading this far, your interest is much appreciated

Clive D. Emsley
Chairman - The Fenchurch Fund
Project Manager - PROJECT 27
A Sub-Committee of the Bluebell Railway Preservation Society

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