Sunday, 22 May 2016

Two sets of cylinders unveiled at the BRPS AGM

Two sets of cylinders arrive! (scale models!)

Two sets of P Class cylinders have arrived and were displayed at the AGM on Saturday evening.  One was to 1/10th scale the other being 1/8th scale.  Both of these were 3D printed, although with slightly different processes.
A first look at the 1/10th scale cylinders (all photos Clive Emsley)
The first set of cylinders to arrive was the 1/10th scale set manufactured by i.visualise, a company based in Brussels.  A very good print it was too! the type of manufacture used produced a smooth finish, but there were some supports that needed to be removed.

the 1/8th scale set of cylinders
The second set was printed to a scale of 1/8.  these models are an exact replica scaled down from the size of the new set of cylinders. They were both printed from the 3D computer model that was drawn by Matthew Holloway.  All dimensions are an exact scale version of the real thing!

The two sets of cylinders on display at the BRPS AGM on the 21st May.
The two sets of cylinders were displayed at the BRPS AGM to show the membership what the real things will look like.  They were displayed on a turntable kindly donated by Brian Jackson of Morris Models who are based in Manor Road Lancing.  They were of great interest to both the regular volunteers and the ordinary membership.

The right hand cylinder showing the valve chest
All of the steam passages are free from material as are the bolt holes with the stud holes being well made. The next 3D printed set will be at  scale of 12 inches to the foot.  This will be the pattern that is to be used to cast the new cylinders for both 27 and 178.

With your help, we will be able to have the new castings made in a fairly short timescale. The total cost for this work is likely to in the region of £15,000 which should include the casting, transport and machining. 

Come and see the models of the cylinders at our stand adjacent to the frames/villa during the Atlantic House Open Weekend and then at the Bluebell Model Railway Weekend, when we will be based in the Birch Grove Suite.

We look forward to seeing you at one or both of these events.

Thanks for your continued support.


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