Monday, 16 May 2016

More work carried out on the frames and other bits!

A report from Matt Holloway

A few pictures and words provided by Matt Holloway concerning recent restoration activities.

Counterbalance weights

Matt Holloway operating the "mag drill"
The picture above shows Matt Holloway operating a "mag drill". This comprises of a fairly ordinary, but large, electric drill which is held perpendicular to the material being drilled with a huge magnet.  This enables the holes to be drilled correctly and accurately.

The mag drill located ready for action
The Mag Drill in action!

The rivets and studs pilot drilled out 
The pilot holes have been drilled out ready for the studs and rivets to be blown out using a gas torch. The holes are required to ensure the molten metal does not blow back into Matts face, or the gas torch!

Other work carried out

matt has also been doing some painting of components ready to "bolt on" when the time comes.
The two cylinder cladding pieces for the Steam Reverser
Matt has been applying paint up to top coat on a number of the smaller items including the cladding for the steam reverser, the tank water level indicator shield and the hand brake screw cover.
Tank water level indicator/gauge protecting shield going into top coat
Handbrake screw cover for inside of cab going into top coat
Once the items have been painted they will be carefully stored until the restoration reaches the appropriate time to replace them on the loco.

Thanks must go to Matt for his hard and constant work.

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