Monday, 8 February 2016

Early February update

Firstly a massive apology for not updating the blog recently.  I have recently started a new job which means it is not possible to pop over to the railway on a Friday afternoon.  However, Matt Holloway has sent me some information to keep you up to date.  He is now in possession of drawings from the NRM to enable him to produce CAD drawings for the rear of the frames, the drag box and buffer beams.  This means that it should be possible to have these manufactured by laser cutting or water jetting in the not too distant future.  This will depend on funding being available to pay for the proccess.

The CAD models for both LHS and RHS castings and Machined Models are finished. These are now ready for a final general check and checking of  the required Machining allowances (RMA) for the casting model.  This will be done in cooperation  with Chris Sheppard before they are sent to the foundary for checking and approval. 

Following on from this process, the 2D machining drawings for both the LHS and RHS blocks need to be produced from the 3D model.  A 2D preliminary drawing has been produced which, fortunately, matches the original Ashford drawing!

We are confident that copies of the 3D drawings will be available for inspection at the BRPS AGM. These will include the casting and machining drawings, and a copy of the original Ashford drawing for comparison.

Other progress at the moment includes plenty of cleaning and painting including the reverser covers, which it is hoped will be on display at the AGM also. 
Ian Furguson has finished the machining of the fitted bolts which will fix the cylinder block to frames, once we are ready to fit the new cylinders!

Our main priority at the moment is to get the cylinders progressed which will need to be funded from the funds raised by the project. We are always looking for new friends and supporters to come on board, so if you know anyone who would like to help us, please point them in our direction, it would be much appreciated.

The estimated cost for casting and machining the cylinders has not been received yet, but it expected to be in the region of £15,000 for a completely machined cylinder block.  Transport will also need to be financed!

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