Monday, 12 November 2018

A major step forward

The November working day

Excellent progress was made on Saturday at the "official" working day on Project 27.  A band of 7 of us were on site on Saturday (Matt, Ben, Sean, Ruben, Russ, Jim and Clive).  The day started with grinding yet more mill scale off the last frame surface, and then painting it with Bonder Primer.
Sean ponders the task ahead! (all photos by Clive Emsley)

Sean and Ben removing the mill scale
The last frame plate painted!
With the plates painted it allowed Matt to cut the last few holes and put threads in a couple of them these holes are only in the right hand frame.
Matt carefully marks the position of the last few holes

The holes carefully marked out and ready for cutting and tapping

Matt driving the trusty mag drill cutting one of the last holes 

Ben tapping one of the holes on the right hand side frame plate
 With all the holes now drilled and tapped we wondered what to do next!  so, we got on with putting some temporary bolts into the buffer beam assemblies.
Sean trying to remember which buffer beam parts go where!

There was also a bit more grinding and painting to be done

One of the angles that are located behind the buffer beam

Russ spent most of the day cleaning cylinder covers in the main workshop in
readiness for the machined cylinder block's arrival

So, that got us to about 2pm.  Now, what could we possibly do for the next 2 hours or so?  I know, lets erect the frames!  The frames were lifted to a vertical position and temporary stretchers were placed between the frames, prior to the final stretchers being bolted and then riveted into place.
All ready for the lift, just the final checks to make!
Carefully lifting the left side plate
Jim lifts the second frame plate using the block and tackle on the borrowed sheer legs.
Ben and other members of the team located a number of temporary stretchers
With the frames erected and held using temporary stretchers it allows us room for adjustment longitudinally and vertically.  There will now be a few weekends setting up the frames to ensure they are level and square.  If this is not done correctly it will affect the performance of the chassis, and therefore locomotive.
Carefully lowering the frames onto the frame stands
Adding the last bolt into one of the original stretchers ready for tightening
The frames sitting on the axle stands with the frame gauge sitting on top
Matt starts the process of setting up by making sure the frames are level longitudinally and transversely
Matt and Jim adjusting the stands to ensure levelness.

The process took a couple of hours from start to finish, and now we feel we have a locomotive again!  the cleaning up of the remaining stretchers and final assembly of the rear drag box will continue rapidly so that the frames are in a position to accept the cylinders when they return to Sheffield Park.  There are a number of angles and brackets to finish making, as these are made, they will be test fitted to the frames before final fixing.

The work didn't finish there!

As the day turned into late twilight and darkness, Jim gave a master class in applying bonder primer!

Jim worked quickly to apply a coat of Bonder Primer

We have only been able to get to this stage with your donations and purchases from the Fenchurch Fund stand at various gala days on and off the railway.  we need your support to continue this work, as we are entirely self funded being a sub-committee of the Bluebell Railway Preservation Society.

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The Project is entirely self funded and relies on your donations and sales stand purchases
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Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Plenty of work last weekend!

The Engineering Team

We had another weekend of unusually mild weather which saw Matt and the team busy, and they received plenty of help from other loco Department volunteers who happened to be free on the day.
Work consisted of grinding off the mill scale from the frame plates which were recently split,  followed by a coat of bonda primer.  Three of the faces have now been painted with just one to be treated. 
There are a few holes still to be drilled in the Right side plate which will be done within the next week or so. Once these remaining holes have been drilled we should be in a position to start erecting the new frames!
The frames will, initially, be bolted together to allow for adjustment prior to riveting together once the final alignment has been set up.

Plenty of help grinding the mill scale off the frame plates (Matt Holloway)

Offsite Work


Meanwhile offsite at Statfold Barn the machining of the cylinder block has been started.
The valve faces and some other flat faces have been worked on and machined to just above tolerance prior to final machining.  The remainder of the flat faces will be machined before the bores are machined round.  the work can be seenj in the pictures below.
There will be more pictures following a visit to the factory planned for this week.
The Left hand cylinder with the joining faces and valve faces machined. (Statfold Barn)

The outside faces of the Left Hand cylinder machined, waiting for a final skim.


The sales team attended the West Sussex N Gauge Group's exhibition in Angmering last weekend.  We had a reasonable weekend, but the tem members spent more than the stand took in sales!  However we had a good time talking to people and spreading the word about the project.
We were located between the Bluebell Railway Shop and our supporters Harrison Brown Models (  Another supporting shop, Morris Models (, were also in the same hall.

Progress on 27 is at present going really well but, unfortunately, we cannot hope to keep up the good work unless the funds keep coming in! So, if you've enjoyed viewing our progress so far and would like to help in a financial way then please visit our fundraising page.  If you would be interested in joining the engineering or painting teams please email us at where we can send you more details.

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The Project is entirely self funded and relies on your donations and sales stand purchases
for the work to continue