Sunday, 4 October 2015

Right Hand Horn Guide off!

It is good news that the right hand centre axle rear horn guide has been removed, and the last fitted bolt extracted.  This operation happened on Friday afternoon in a successful trip to the loco by Clive and Stuart.

The three pictures below show the process of removal of the last fitted bolt on the RH side of the loco.

This picture shows the last of the fitted bolts drilled out (Photo Clive Emsley)
The drilled out fited bolt was disc cut and then ground flush with the frames. 

This shows the fitted bolt ground down flush with the frames (Photo Clive Emsley)
Once the bolt had been ground flush with the frames, a set of drifts (with long handles) were used to remove the bolt.  The method for doing this consisted of the drifts being held in position by one operative whilst it was thwacked heavily with a rather large hammer by the second operative.  Hence the long handles!  The bolt was removed following three hard belts with the hammer, with some velocity I might add!
The last bolt removed from the RH sdie (Photo Clive Emsley)
With the last bolt removed, the holes were greased to protect them from the weather until the new bolts are ready to be fitted. The bolts, and horn guide, will be replaced as soon as possible following the welding of the repair.  The keeper plate will then be replaced to hold the frames square and free from any sag. Following this the crack on the left hand side of the loco will be treated in a very similar manner.
The Horn guide on the work bench inside the villa (photo: Clive Emsley)
The Keeper Plate on the work bench inside the villa (photo: Clive Emsley)
Some initial cleaning up of the first wheel set was also carried out prior to attacking it with an eleectric wire brush (at a later date) and applying paint. This was carried out using a scrapper, wire briush and a stiff hand brush.
The right trailing wheel having had the loose paint and accumulated dirt removed (photo: Clive Emsley)
Please keep popping back to this blogspot for further updates.  And we look forward to seeing you during Giants of Steam Weekend.

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