Thursday, 14 January 2016

Work carried out over the last couple of weeks

A brief summary of the works carried out recently

Recent works on the loco include mainly cleaning and painting of components.  The steam reverser cylinder covers have been cleaned and painted, this will protect them until the final painting takes place.  Similar cleaning and priming of components continues also on many other parts of the loco.

The cylinder drawings are virtually ready to be printed, and we hope to be able to display the paper drawings at the BRPS AGM in May.  We are now seeking out costs for the casting to be produced, once we are able to place an order for the cylinders this will be done.  We will then need to seek quotes for the machining of the castings.

Thanks go to Keith Sturt and Roger Cruse who spent time going through the archives at York searching for any appropriate drawings for SECR locos and P tanks in particular.  Their hard work has paid off with a copy of the frame drawings and the frame general arrangement drawings.  So once Matt has finished the CAD drawings for manufacturing of the cylinders, he will use these drawings get busy on a set of CAD drawings for the rear of the frames, the buffer beams and other smaller components.

There are no pictures of the work carried out this week, but I have put these in just as a taste of things to come!

SECR No.27 on the coal dock at Sheffield Park circa 1974 (Photo: The Fenchurch Fund Collection)
31027 at Dover 19th August 1948 in British Railways livery (Photo: J.H.Ashton)
27 at Stewarts Lane circa 1922 in plain grey livery (photo: R.K.Blencowe Collection)


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