Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Information stand at the Diesel Gala

A successful weekend at the Diesel Gala


We had a good weekend at the Bluebell Railway Diesel Gala last weekend with a good selection of stock being sold, and thus raising a good amount towards the Cylinder Replacement Programme. Our last three tea cans were even sold out of preservation for a new life on the main line! (sold to GB Railfreight Drivers!)

As the wide mouthed frog says "you don't see many of those do you"
We had a huge amount of interest in the Cylinder Replacement Programme from various members of the public which translated into donations and sales.  A big well done, and thank you, to the sales team who assisted me on both days. The group consisted of Stuart Bardouleau, Andrew Waller, Steve Booth, Jim Turtle and his daughter Lucy.

The stand looked after by Lucy on Sunday afternoon with stock becoming depleted!

There was a lot of interest in the images displayed of the 3D CAD model which were being displayed on the stand over the weekend and people expressed surprise when a description of the existing cylinder corrosion was relayed to them.  Until it was explained that the cylinders were 106 years old and have been exposed to the elements, people were wondering why they needed replacing!

Steve Booth, Ted Oades and Jim Turtle compare the merits of 27 with the 4w loco "Britannia"
On the restoration front, as reported previously the wheel sets have been dispatched to the South Devon Railway for re-profiling of the tyres and turning of the journals.  These will be returned to the railway when they are ready and transport can be arranged.  Unfortunately I have not been able to find anyone who may have pictures of the wheels being transported.  The cost of the wheel turning and transport will need to be met by the project.  The amount we will have to pay has to be confirmed, but it is unlikely to be less than about £4,000.
Another chance to see the "hole" in the frames ready for the plug to be welded in.
Due to weather and other commitments Stuart has not yet managed to get the disc welded into the frames yet.  This is to replace the bad weld detected and cut out earlier.  He is hopeful that this will be done shortly. Once the patch has been installed, the horn guides and keeper plate can be replaced. This will then allow the removal of the keeper plate and horn guide on the other side of the locomotive and the crack discovered there to be welded up.  This should be a much easier and quicker job as there is no major cutting to be done.
Thanks for your continued support and we hope to bring more exciting news shortly. 

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