Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Latest Update

What are we doing at the moment?

There is plenty of small component restoration and overhaul going on at the moment, much of which is not immediately visible!  Matt and his trusty paint brush has been busy transforming age weary and dirty items into sparkling almost new looking items.  One example of this is shown in the pictures below, taken by Matt to show off his work!

The Steam Reverser change over valve cover in top coat (before varnish)
Above and below by Matt Holloway

This item has been painstakingly cleaned, any rust removed, primed and then where required given a coat of filling primer, several coats of undercoat and several more coats of gloss.  The paint was flattened between coats to get a deep gloss finish.  All that is required now are several coats of varnish for a top class job.  Thanks to Matt for the time and effort that goes into this work.

We are close to getting a firm quote for a set of side plates to be manufactured for the frames.  Whilst this will make the loco slightly less "original" it will result in a 100 year restoration of the frames.  This, together with the new set of cylinders will result in a top quality restoration of the loco.  Once there is more news on the manufacture of the frame plates and cylinders it will be posted here first.  The only thing we now require for the cylinder manufacture is the approval of the Locomotive Director to order both our set and the set for 178.   It is hoped that the frame plates can be ordered shortly and delivered in the summer.  This is also dependant on the approval of the Loco Director. His  approval is just a matter of timing and will happen!

Our next Gala Sales and Information Stand

We will be attending the Branch Line Weekend on the 13th and 14th of May. The stand should be back in our usual position on Platform 1 next to our tank adjacent to the Bookshop. It would be good to see you and have a chat.

Thanks for your continued support, it is good to know that you are with us!

Clive D. Emsley
Chairman - The Fenchurch Fund
Project Manager - PROJECT 27
A Sub-Committee of the Bluebell Railway Preservation Society

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