Sunday, 29 October 2017

The frames have arrived!

The frames plates and other parts we have had made by Tata Steel have arrived at Sheffield Park.
The lorry arrived around 10:30 on Monday morning and was unloaded by forklift shortly afterwards.
the frame plates and other profiled parts along with some lengths of angles (Matt Holloway)
Yesterday (28th October) a visit was made to Sheffield Park to see the progress of the work as we now have designated working days (the programme for these will follow shortly).  The smaller angle seen in the picture above had already been cut to size and placed on a pallet to await the machining of the holes and edges.
A pallet of cut angle with then part number written on to avoid confusion later! (Clive Emsley) 
The profiled plates that were supplied by Tata Steel have been pre marked with the centre lines of the holes that need to be drilled and reamed to size.  these will need to be checked and centre punched before they can be drilled.
X marks the spot! the centre lines marked on the plate work. (Clive Emsley)
The largest of the angle was being cut into 12 inch lengths during the visit. These are for using as brackets between the buffer beams and the frames.  It proved to be a logistical challenge getting it mounted on the power hack saw due to length and weight!
Right lads, all we have to do is get it through the small door!
With the aid of supporting rollers and careful fork lift driving it was manoeuvred into place
Making sure it is lined up with the vice jaws
Once the angle was in line on the rollers it was a fairly easy job to align it square with the blade and to adjust to the length required.
Adjusting the roller for alignment
adjusting the vice and checking squareness to the blade
The angle was then marked out and checked twice before cutting the material to length.
Matt measuring the position of the cut
Adding a line square to the angle
Finally the angle was ready to be cut.  This was done using the Bluebell Railway's power hacksaw thanks must go to the Bluebell Railway workshop staff for their assistance with this.
The saw starts it's work!
Making easy work of cutting the angle accurately to length.
Please keep popping back for further updates on the restoration, there is likely to be a fair amount of news in the coming months!
Next weekend (4th/5th November we will be having a sales and information stand at the West Sussex N Gauge Exhibition in Angmering, together with an "official" Bluebell Shop stand.  I will add further details shortly.
Of course we still need to pay for these items,  especially as we were not initially expecting that the frames would need replacing!  If you are able to help us please E mail us on the address below, or use the My donate site or text donation also shown below.

Thank You

Clive D. Emsley
Chairman - The Fenchurch Fund
Project Manager - PROJECT 27
A Sub-Committee of the Bluebell Railway Preservation Society

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