Friday, 17 November 2017

Drag Box Rebuild Update

The fixing holes have been drilled in the rear drag box plate.  This was carried out last weekend by Matt and Ben inside the Villa due to inclement weather outside.  The plate had been set up on trestles previously for such a possibility.
The rear dragbox plate fixed securely to the trestles (Ben Dingley)
The mag drill was set up to cut holes of the correct diameter in the correct place as marked out during the material cutting at Tata Steel. This position was checked and centre popped before any drilling took place. this ensures that the holes are correctly positioned.

Set up and ready to cut the first hole (Ben Dingley)
Once the setup and hole positions were thoroughly checked, drilling commenced.  the drill is not a centre drill of the sort found in your average drill set.  It is more akin to a milling cutter but with the helix of a drill.  This gives a much better chance of a vertical parallel hole.  Whilst the cutters are much more expensive that the centre drill, the results by far outweigh this.
All holes cut (Ben Dingley)
This shows the holes having been cut in the correct places and the plate ready for final reaming prior to assembly into the frames at the right time.

It is expected that work will continue on the frames for the next few weeks with plenty of drilling to be done!  Other jobs coming up is the flat packing of the old frames once we are sure all the donor parts have been removed. Once the old frames are out of the way, it will be possible for then engineering team to commence the erection of the new ones, leading to the production of a rolling chassis.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in the project.  Without the support and donations we get we would not be in a position to carry on with the restoration.

Please keep popping back and seeing what we are up to. 

If you would like to donate to help the restoration of the loco, the details are below.  Please donate responsibly and only give what you can afford


Clive Emsley
Chairman Fenchurch Fund and Project Manager Project 27

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