Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Work since Christmas

There has been plenty of work progressing since the festivities, including machining and painting.  The angles that are to be used to fix the brake cylinder to the rear dragbox has been machined true and the faces are now exactly at 90 degrees.

Machining the angles

Ben Dingley machining the angle irons for hanging the brake cylinder from.

Carefully taking the first cut

Machining in progress


The finished article! Both outside edges are now perfectly at 90 Degree’s to each other.

Reaming the drag box holes 

Meanwhile the rear dragbox and angle irons were reamed through to finish size ready for riveting. This finishing with a bridge reamer ensures that the plate work and angle iron holes are perfectly inline and round!
Matt carefully reaming the holes

The reamed holes with a chamfer to allow the rivets to locate the plates correctly

Machining the coupling strengthening plate

Ben has also been busy at the beginning of the new year machining up the reinforcing plate for the front buffer beam where the draw-hook goes through!
Set up ready for machining to take place 
Machining in progress cutting the reliefs for the front buffer beam angle iron!
A day’s machining and the plate is ready for the front buffer beam assembly.

Wheel Painting

Thanks to the continuing support of the Works Managerwe are making progress on the wheel painting.  All the pitting is being filled on the wheels to produce a smooth finish when the top coat is applied. It would be impossible to carry out this work outside during the winter months.

Steve Booth has been busy filling in casting pits and sanding back the spokes for a lovely smooth finish

The fruits of Steve's labours.
A lot of time and efforts goes into the preparation work but this should pay off when we finally get to final top coat! The spokes are now starting to look very smooth compared to when Steve started!

Buffer Beam

The rear buffer beam has be brought into the relatively dry and less cold Villa for cleaning and drilling of rivet holes.
The Rear buffer beam set up on the tresstles
Following wire brushing the arc marks are again visible.
This work can only continue with the donations, support and interest that is forthcoming from our supporters. 
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Thank you for your continued support and interest, it is much appreciated.

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