Tuesday, 27 March 2018

A few pictures from this week

A flying visit was made to Sheffield Park yesterday (27th march) during which photos were taken of the work carried out over the last few weeks.
The fantastic finish that is being applied to the wheelsets (all pictures Clive Emsley)
The finish on the wheelset that has been painted over the winter is something incredible, an probably better than original!  All of the dimples that were in the wheels have been filled and rubbed down giving a first class base on which the gloss has been applied to.  A splendid finish and a credit to Matt for the initial work and Jim for the paint finish. A credit for both of them.
An overall impression of the wheelset.
Below are a few pictures of the heavily corroded back end of the frames being removed.  This shows just how corroded it really was. Matt, Ben and the team have been buy with the gas axe!
The rear buffer beam having been removed from the frames
The drag box beam removed fro the frames
The frames at the rear showing the corrosion
the rear stretcher removed for more restoration work

Both buffer beams and strengthening plate now machined in the Villa
A close up of the holes
one of the plates that are to be positioned behind the buffers
We are looking forward to being on the platform at Sheffield Park during the Branch Line weekend, where we will be able to answer questions and sell you marmalade and other delightful items. Also on display will be a collection of the new Hatton's P Class models (which may
still be available from the Bluebell Shop)
We are also confirmed to be at the Model Railway Weekend, so hopefully we will be able to see you at one of the events.
Please remember that this work can only continue with the donations, support and interest that is forthcoming from all of our supporters. 
If you would like to help us to continue this work with a donation, please go to our BT MyDonate page
 or use the QR code below.
To contact us please E Mail us on thefenchurchfund@gmail.com

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