Thursday, 16 August 2018

Second interim report!

Day Three - Network Rail Volunteer days

The weather spoilt the party a little today and plans had to be changed and we had to find some indoor work.  However, before the rain came we managed to get a coat of primer onto the front cab sheet, having knocked the last of the rust off.
John shows Liliana what needs to be wire brushed
Having painted the front cab sheet they stand back and view their work
Whilst the paint dried and before the rain came attention moved to the rear cab sheet
Following the break in the weather, John and Dabi are seen cleaning the rear window protectors
A close up of the cleaning process
One of the gutters from the side of the cab roof was given a basic clean by Clive

The other end after treatment

Liliana cleaning a smokebox handle during the rain disrupted day!
On day 4 we are confident we will be able to complete the painting of the outside of the cab.  There is a small amount of cleaning off to do first, but that should not take too long!  So it looks like mainly painting primer and possibly an undercoat on some of the cab too!
It is likely that we will need to complete the inside of the cab later, this is purely due to the weather on Day 3.  it is possible that we can do some of this work on Saturday during the monthly working day organised by Matt.
Of course, the labour was free to us via the Network Rail Volunteer day scheme, and the Project is grateful for this.  The materials used for the 4 days were purchased by the Fenchurch Fund as part of the support for Project 27 and this amounted to around £130.  This is a small amount in the scheme of things, but it still needs to be paid for. 
We value your support and interest in the restoration of the loco, and without your donations we could not continue the work we are doing. 

If you would like to help us with a donation, please go to our BT MyDonate page
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If you would like to contact us please use the following address:
Thank you for your continued support and interest, it is much appreciated.

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