Thursday, 4 April 2019

The Cylinders are back!

Picture Report

A few pictures from Matt Holloway showing the freshly machined cylinders for 27 starting with a view at Statfold Engineering plus some close ups of them at Sheffield Park.

The cylinders on the truck at Statfold Engineering. 
All secured and ready for the trip to Sheffield Park
Safely back at Sheffield Park!
Looking through the bore of the right cylinder
The front of the cylinders now in the loco works store
The front of the cylinders
 Well, I think this can be said to be the end of the beginning!  We are now, or soon will be, in the same position we were (visually) two and a half years ago!  

There is a big difference though we now have a new set of frames and cylinders.  These have made a big dent in the bank account, however without them we would be dead in the water. 

The frame riveting is coming on very well, as mentioned in the last blog. Once the frames are riveted up, it should be possible to fit the cylinders.  The next task will be to finish the drag box and rivet it in place, and this will be followed by the installation of the horn guides.  plenty of work still to be done on the frames before the wheels can be replaced.

The usual appeal for help!

The work so far has depleted the funds to quite a degree and we urgently need to replenish the coffers to allow the work to continue.  There are a few ways to help us.  for an instant donation, please donate on line. It is also possible to set up a standing order to give a regular amount via the Bluebell Railway Trust, who can also take one off donations.  Please add gift aid if you are able when donating via the Trust.  We also have a collection jar on the stands we operate on occasions at Sheffield Park for all your loose change (or notes!).  We are also now able (subject to getting a signal) to take card payments in person at the stands.

 To donate on line, please go to our BT MyDonate page:
or use the QR code below.

The BT My Donate page will be removed by BT on the 30th June.  However, we will have another donations page up and running by that time! 

If you would like to make a regular donation, please ask for a Standing Order form by email to the address below.
Please also use this address for enquiries and offers of physical help.

This Project is entirely self funded and relies on your donations and sales stand purchases for the work to continue

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