Friday, 20 March 2020

Winter Engineering Update

A short picture report of work carried out by the engineering team over the winter. 


Cylinder block strapped up and ready to be split once the final bolts have been removed
After the completion of the back face seats, each bolt and its location were numbered
ready for removal and the block to be split. 
The Valve faces revealed ready for machining the top and bottom relieving groves

the two halves of the cylinder block safely stowed on a pallet awaiting final machining work.
A tool made by Ian Fergusson for machining the faces ready for the final fitting of the bolts
which hold the cylinders together
The square machined back face seting


The new and old piston rods note the much larger new RHS rod compared
to the life expired LHS rod behind! 
The piston rod packing glands in the process of being re-bushed by Ian Ferguson
A new pair of piston rod nuts again machined by Ian Ferguson,
with one of the old ones in the background


Brake bow beams with freshly machined ends, they are now round!

Remember, all of this has been possible with the generosity of people like you that are interested in the project. Without your support we cannot carry on at the same rate experienced so far. Please donate anything you can afford if you would like to see our efforts and passion come to a successful end.

We are also looking at expanding our team of sales stand volunteers, so if you would like to join us, please drop Clive an email at the address below.

One off Donations

A donation of £27 (or any amount) would go a long way towards our aim.
(with gift aid that becomes £33.75)

If you can help us, please make your donation on line at:

Standing Order Donations

You can also give via standing order to the Bluebell Railway Trust (please contact us for a form)

The Rivet Club

You will soon be able to join the Rivet Club and make the difference! at £3 a month you could help us see SECR loco No 27 return to steam within the next 5 years! Once signed up you’ll also receive a copy of our quarterly E-newsletter as a way of saying thank you as well as keeping you up to date with our current progress! More details will follow shortly!

Please donate if you are able, it will make  a great difference to the restoration programme.

Thank you for reading this far!  and thank you for the help you have so far given.A close up view of one of the machined ends


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