Thursday, 9 April 2015

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Thursday 9th April 2015

Welcome to the new Blog spot for Project 27. We are a small self-funded sub committee of the Bluebell Railway Preservation Society.  Initially we were formed as an administration group to use funds donated following the death of a Bluebell Railway fireman at the tragiclly young age of 22 following an ashtma attack.  At this stage, we were known as the Chip Wood Fund.  We raised enough money to initiate and support the overhaul of LBSCR locomotive No 72 Fenchurch, and we became the "Fenchurch Fund".
Fenchurch was returned to traffic in 2001 and our attentions turned to what to do next. 
SECR Locomotive No.27 had been dismantled in the early 1980s for a "quick" overhaul and has been in pieces ever since! The P Class was essentially an update of the A1x class built by the LBSCR, so this seemed to us an ideal project.
Restoration restarted in earnest in January 2015 when the frames were lifted from the wheels and the last pieces were removed from between the frames.  This is a fairly long term overhaul, and indeed is virtually a restoration as many parts will need to be replaced, partly due to age and partly due to the weather getting into the locomotive following dismantling. over the period of the restoration we envisage spending a great amount of money, which will all be self funded.  As the locomotive does not form part of the core of traffic locomotives, it will recieve workshop space only when absolutely neccesary and space is available.
There are working groups on the locomotive virtually every weekend at the moment, and we are hoping to expand the group working on the project.

Time Line so far

Monday 19th January 2015The frames were lifetd from the wheels and placed in a position to allow work to commence.
Sunday 25th January 2015
Axle boxes removed from the axles - Journals measured - Connecting rods removed from cranck axle
February 2015
Front ballance weight removed - Packing removed from piston rods - New Blastpipe casting delivered
March 2015
Cylinder covers removed - Crossheads removed - Slide bars removed - Pistons Removed - start made on removing fittid bolts to remove cylinders - temporary stretcher manufactured for installation at front on the locomotive
Overhaul of the steam reverser is taking place as part of a college project by a workshop volunteer, and is progressing well.

For further details on these updates please go to the overhaul page on the Bluebvell Railway's web site which will be updated regularly.

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