Monday, 9 November 2015

Another good weekend's work

Machining of parts for the steam reverser

Ben Dingley (Essex Ben) has been busy on the refurbishment of the steam reverser. following on from the grinding of the port face on the cylinder, he has bored out the cylinder to remove excessive pitting in the bore.
The steam reverser cylinder on the "Broadbent" Lathe undergoing boring (Photo: Ben Dingley)
This work was carried in the workshops at Sheffield Park. Thanks must go to Steve Czech and Chris Shepherd for thier advice and for allowing us to use the machine. Thanks must also go to Ian Ferguson for supervising and guiding the operation.
Bronze bushes being turned by Ben Dingley, who also took the photograph
Ben has also been continuing with his work at college and has started to make new bronze bushes which support and guide the piston rod as it travels up and down in the cylinders. This work will continue over the next couple of weeks.
There was also some work done in the Villa on Saturday when members of the 9F club spent time with us, supervised by Steve Booth. Jim Turtle provided guidance on what items to work on. This was the last 9F club meeting of the year, and our thanks go to them for their support.
As the day was slightly damp, the work was carried out inside the villa. The 9F boys and girls worked hard with scrapers and wire brushes to remove the rust off the brake hangers, previously stored outside.  They also spent some time cleaning up the hornguide and axle keep recently removed from the frame for the crack repair.
Once the items were cleaned up Jim applied Chelade to all items. This product stabilises any remaining rust and leaves a protective polymer barrier on the surface ready for the next layers of paint.
Jim has promised to let me have a couple of photos which I will post when they arrive.

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