Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Weld Repair to the Right Frame

Stuart has done some grinding!

Stuart Marks, our Project Engineer has been working on the old welded repair to the right side frame.  He has managed to grind out to a fair depth, hoping to see that the weld would be suitable for further service, with minor repair and tidying up.
He found, however, that there was a high proportion of weld slag in the repair and it will need further work.  This may be a welding process, or may entail cutting out a small patch and replacing it with new material.  This is dependant on the size of the piece ground away, and the assessment of what is left behind.  The worst case scenario is if the gap in the frame is too great, a patch will need to be cut out and a new patch welded in for strength.  the best case is that it can be weld repaired.  This decission will need to be made by the workshop manager in conjunction with the project engineer. 

It's not all gloom and doom though! We have ordered some more steel for the manufacture of the fitted bolts so they can be ready for the day we come to fit the new cylinders into the frames. This is likely to be a little way off, but if we get the material ready so the machining can be carried out when there is spare capacity it helps the work flow in the macine shop.

The drawings for the new cylinders have been completed and are just waiting for a final check before we can order a couple of sets of cylinders.  This will of course need to be paid for!

If you would like to help us in any way, please contcat the project on thefenchurchfund@gmail.com

Thanks for your interest.

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