Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Frames - An Update

Frame Progress

I have received a series of pictures from the restoration team showing progress on the frames and associated parts. These show the progress over the past couple of weeks or so.

The first hole being cut (all photos Matt Holloway)
The first few pictures show works being carried out on the rear drag box plate. this was the first of the plates to be machined as this could be done indoors during less clement weather!
A few holes later!
The first two angle irons were then bolted onto the drag box plate. This is so that the remaining rivet holes can be drilled through from the drag box plate side, the holes already drilled in the plate being used as a guide.  The angle iron will then be finish riveted onto the plate. Following this it is planned to machine square the outside faces of the angle irons to the plates edge which should result in a good square datum point at the rear form setting up the frames square and parallel.  This will be the first part of the rebuilt chassis done!
The rear drag box plate with the angles bolted on.
The frame plates have been levelled and clamped together outside the villa.  This has been done to facilitate final marking out and drilling.  This is dependant on a dry day!
The frames sett up ready to be marked out and drilled
The plates have been clamped together and levelled so that the holes cut in them will align perfectly in both frame plates. This process can only be carried out when the weather is favourable.
Centre line passing through one of the horn openings
Horizontal centre line through the centre of the driving axle
The above three photos show a string line (piano string) which has been set up from front to back of the frames. This line passes through the centre line of the designed  centres of each of the wheel centres.
From this straight line a series of "alignment buttons" can be struck from which all the vital holes can be accurately marked out. The alignment buttons are extremely important as the centre of the driving axle can be determined from them. following this, the cylinder block position and all the other valve gear and motion positions are attained.
The driving axle position and angle to the cylinders marked
This final photo above shows the centre of the driving axle being marked with a centre punch mark (to the right of the picture).  From this the scribed lines for the 1 in 9 incline of the cylinder block have been marked.  the cylinders will need to be aligned to this mark when they are installed.

Other Work

Other work carried out during last weeks working day involved our newest volunteer, Sean Smeeth, who helped to remove the final fitted bolts on the frames. As well as this he made a start on cleaning up the horn wedges.  Stuart Marks completed the wiring for a 240 volt supply which will allow the much needed heating in the villa to be connected.  Finally, the recovered axlebox white metal has been melted down into ingots and stored for future use.

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