Monday, 18 December 2017

Removing Rivets from the frames

This weekend saw yet more rivets being removed from the frames at Sheffield Park. Following the work on Saturday it was estimated that one more day would see the remaining 20 or so rivets removed and replaced with temporary bolts.
Cutting the head from one of the rivets
Once the heads were cut off the rivets the residue was ground away before using a short handled persuader to knock the rivet out of the hole.  However, if the rivet was too tight a hole was drilled through the remaining rivet and cut away with the gas before trying again to persuade the rivet to leave the hole.
Burning out the centre of the rivet before removal
Once it the crew were happy that the rivet would move a short handled persuader was used together with a dolly to drive it out. this is a two person job.
Ben holding the dolly whilst Stuart uses the short handled persuader
Stuart lining up the dolly with the rivet  prior to persuading it
The picture shows the setting up of the dolly so that an even persuasion can take place.  This usually consists of having to hit it around half a dozen times to get it out.
The reason for removing the rivets (and fitted bolts) is so that it will be possible to "flat pack" the existing frames so that they can be kept for reference until the new ones are erected.
Two rivets removed and two to go!
The picture above shows two of the rivets removed (top and bottom) with the middle two to be dealt with.  The remaining two have both been ground down to remove any of the head, and an attempt has been made on the lower of the two to remove it, but without success.  This was drilled and then a hole blown out with the gas before driving it out with the dolly and persuader. The upper of the two in the middle has not yet been struck.

The marking out of the frames is continuing and hopefully hole cutting can take place shortly. The drag box plate is awaiting turning over so that the bracket holes can be cut using the holes in the angle as a template. Once this is done the angles can be riveted on and final machining can take place.  This will then be thoroughly cleaned and painted and stored until needed to be placed in the erected frames.  The next of the "smaller" pieces to be worked on in the Villa will be the front and rear buffer beams.  This is likely to happen during the first quarter of 2018.

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