Friday, 1 May 2020

A few pictures from Mark Baker

Mark Baker (one of the Kingscote Stationmasters) took these pictures of (parts of) No.27 back in the latter part of the last century, or early part of this.  They show what we started out with on our restoration journey!
The rolling chassis (with complete motion) parked on Turners Siding behind Platform 2 at Sheffield Park with basic protection of a tarpaulin
A later view of the frames, still on Turners Siding having lost the tarpaulin and left open to the elements.
the cab, with tanks under located outside the "new" lobby at Sheffield Park (the lobby was situated where the new maintenance facility is now situated).
Mark first came to the Railway at a very young age, but was only 16 moths old when the loco drew steam for the last time.
It is believed that the last crew on the loco in 1974 was Driver Pip Stevens and Fireman Mick Pearson, though this is to be confirmed.  I wonder who the next crew will be!
Keep safe and well during this strange time we are living through and I will post more pictures later!
Please also remember that the Bluebell have opened an EMERGENCY FUND. Without a railway to return to, we will have nowhere to run No.27!
For donations to the BLUEBELL RAILWAY EMERGENCY FUND go to: 
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Thank you
Clive Emsley
Chairman of the Fenchurch Fund. (A sub-committee of the Bluebell Railway Preservation Society)

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