Wednesday, 13 May 2020

More lockdown photos

Just a few more pictures for you.

Sean Smeeth has just sent me scans of photographs taken by the late Fred Warren who was a guard on the Bluebell in the early days. It is always great to see new pictures and these are no exception. They show 27 in 1961 and one in 1969.  I am sure that you will agree they are worthy of showing on here.
We are still unable to work on the loco at Sheffield Park, but there is a fair amount of "behind the scenes" planning and research going on to sort ou8t what we need to do once we are able to start working again on the restoration.
It is likely that there will be very little "front line" fundraising this year to support the restoration team, but rest assured we will be back with redoubled effort as soon as we are able.
Anyway, enough from me, let's have a look at the pictures!
The naming ceremony with Bishop Geoffery Warde (former Bishop of Lewes) carrying out the blessing in 1961
No 27 with the "Chesham" set on Platform 2 at Sheffield Park, also in 1961. It is likely that there will be another loco at the rear of the train to pull the train back from Bluebell Halt.
27 in SECR guise with a 2 carriage SECR set of carriages heading for Horsted Keynes in June 1969
How great it would be to recreate the last photo in the future!
Keep safe and well during this strange time we are living through and I will post more pictures later!
Please also remember that the Bluebell have opened an EMERGENCY FUND. Without a railway to return to, we will have nowhere to run No.27!
For donations to the BLUEBELL RAILWAY EMERGENCY FUND go to: 
For PROJECT 27 donations please go to:
Thank you
Clive Emsley
Chairman of the Fenchurch Fund. (A sub-committee of the Bluebell Railway Preservation Society)

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